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4 hours ago

changed the size of the search bar to 600px and getting a few errors on mobile. What is the best way to make css separate for mobile or how can i adjust only the mobile css?


5 hours ago

my new #style

bhole1 » Web Developers

7 hours ago

How verzion Zend Framework use Sacilstrap ?

bhole1 » Web Developers

8 hours ago

How to get current user id ?

bhole1 » Web Developers

9 hours ago

Im creating me first addon.
But im have little problem.
Use this code

$sqluserid = "
SELECT name FROM profiles WHERE id = 1

$user_id = $model-getAdapter()-fetchAll($sqluserid);
echo "name ".$user_id ."";

Problem is always return me ARRAY

maybe halp me


2 days ago


YouTube - "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes

Shared, 13 hours ago


15 hours ago

#milhamrk ga mau macem macem disini

mosquitoegor » Web Developers

18 hours ago

When new update have ready?

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bhole1 maybe coming soon
11 hours ago
alcalbg after the summer
11 hours ago
mosquitoegor so looong
8 hours ago
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