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Due to price changes across Envato marketplaces, this script now costs $36

More info on this:

Kira Aditya
Shared, 4 hours ago
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powerj I second @as8038 on that. Still the best price for such a great piece of awesomeness!!
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megrisoft What was the earlier price
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jonathanarriolaestrada $32 i think
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Felipe Novaes » Web Developers

12 hours ago

Some users of my media social are getting this error

(Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_substr() in /home/miigospa/public_html/app/core/models/Notifications.php on line 293)

how do i solve this ? somebody can help ?

as8038 Check if the Multibyte Support is enabled on your web server (echo phpinfo(); -> mbstring)
12 hours ago
Felipe Novaes Thanks for the support, i will check.
11 hours ago
Felipe Novaes it was disabled, i'm rebuilding with easyapache now, i hope that this solve the error, thank you so much.
11 hours ago

as8038 » Addons

14 hours ago

Premium Addon - Autohide Navbar

There’s a new SocialStrap premium Addon published which hides the navbar while the page is scrolling downwards and shows it the other way.



Live demo:

Ali Ahmed » Web Developers

17 hours ago

My dream for SocialStrap site is, to have a native app for it.. Which is on its way soon ! @marcbe is working on it and I am waiting for it...

But also I hope someone start working on lightbox for photos. Photos should be more improved and open in a nice lightbox along with comments on the right side.
In Groups & Pages also should be able to make photo albums !!!

Ali Ahmed @richardevans I have seen that site few days ago. They have lots of good stuff. The problem is how to make that work with SocialStrap. They have some great plugins which can be added for SocialStrap but I am not an expert.. Hope you can try to get those plugins and make them to use on SocialStrap. I like the lightbox there but problem is how i am going to make that for the SocialStrap site
15 hours ago
Felipe Novaes holy*** , this is beautiful
11 hours ago

Richard Evans » Addons

17 hours ago

Hi All,

I'd like to remind everyone that this group is NOT for support requests for addons, or to request addons. This group is to showcase addons by authors. If you wish to request support, or have an issue, then please ask the @webdevs group as that's where you will get support. Please do not post support requests here.

Kind regards,

Ali Ahmed True, and pls keep this Addons group neat & clean... here should be only plugins that's all and no other posts... This is the only place for plugins/ addons which users can find easily... If people post other stuff, requests etc then it will be a mess...
17 hours ago

acejiteshmakwana » Web Developers

22 hours ago

hey there i was wondering if there someone who can make the invite friends tab abit more better like auto grab contacts saved in outlook & gmail etc? and if someone is willing to do it how much will charge for it as a addon? i willing to buy this. love to hear more on this topic thanks

as8038 Most Outlook connectors I know are Windows apps as they have to communicate with Windows DLLs to access Outlook. At least I don't know of any technology which is able to address such DLLs over Unix/Linux.
The only thing related to your request is a vCard Importer which is on my agenda. But can't tell you when it will be ready.
18 hours ago
acejiteshmakwana @as8038 can u explain how a vCard importer works?
16 hours ago
as8038 You can export your Outlook contacts as vCards (with file extension .vcf). This files you can import then into the SocialStrap database.
There are many apps out there on the market which provide vCards. Like that you have many possible sources from where you can get contact data.
And even your user will prefer to import their data via a .vcf file than entering all their data manually.
15 hours ago

Ali Ahmed » Web Developers


Friends when I add some JavaScript codes in the splash.phtml file then Create Account button does not work.

I am trying to make an addon for Splasher, I have to have JavaScript codes in the splash.phtml file. If I keep the JavaScript codes then Create Account button does not work and if I take out the JavaScript codes then My newly addon does not work.

Is there any tag or something which I can put around the JavaScript codes, its causing issues with Create Account button !!!

as8038 Hm, you want to make an Addon for an Addon? Interesting!
In any case it's not possible to answer your question without getting more details about your Javascript. Is it a jQuery plugin? Did you embed a second instance of jQuery? Which HTML elements are you accessing with your Javascript?
Please provide with more information.
18 hours ago
Ali Ahmed Well, I am adding more stuff in the main home page of Splasher addon. Its a Javascript codes if I add in the splash.phtml file then Create Account button does not work and if I do not add JavaScript codes in the splash.phtml then my new custom work won't work on Splasher home page

No, its not a jQuery plugin
I don't know what to do now...
17 hours ago
as8038 You could try answering my questions instead to repeat yourself. That would be a good start.
15 hours ago

ihooter » Addons

2 days ago

when I share to facebook I get this ( where can I find it so can edit
Now you got full control over your Gorgeous splash page (landing page) in your admin no coding needed Now You can enable and disable almost everything in the admin. Room for 7 cool images and 7 lines of text you can edit or leave the text blank. You can set the transparency of the login form You can…

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