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Ali Ahmed » Web Developers

7 hours ago

Sorry really I tried my best to find but could not find that's why asking you. I am really sorry for that. Pls can you tell me what is the hook for Sidebar Boxes? What are the codes which I can add in my custom settings to change the background of the sidebar boxes.

I want to change the background of the sidebar boxes

@alcalbg I am asking here as per your orders

alcalbg add a simple custom css

.sidebar .well {
background-color: red;
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9 hours ago


nik085 » Addons

19 hours ago

Better Profile addon update (1.2)
- Support for Socialstrap 3.0

Download: http://goo.gl/SF9wb3

#addon #betterprofile

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Ali Ahmed But mine Better Profile addon worked fine with latest V3 release... Still we need to use this addon ?
12 hours ago
stefdev Thank you for the update.
9 hours ago
nik085 Just compatibility! Only updated the files: listgroups and listpages
8 hours ago

tiamiyuwaliukola » myGroup

20 hours ago



22 hours ago

@alcalbg Invites Only (1.4+) #addon not work on socialstrap 3.0 ? #bug

Ali Ahmed » Web Developers


Friends, I found a bug am not sure if you guys have noticed as well.
I tested on Blackberry & Samsung S4.

When a user gets around 15 or more than that notifications then on mobiles it does not show the all notifications.
The notification list which opens in header just fixed and unable to see the whole list.

I hope you guys understand, looks like I could not put down in writing what I am saying but I hope some of you understand


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alcalbg Ok, got it, there is a hard-limit set to 10 notification for popover box, I set this for performance reasons. To see ALL notification click on the bottom link which takes you to the pagination-driven page.
10 hours ago
Ali Ahmed Yes I can not see the bottom link which takes us to the pagination-driven page. If that link in the bottom shows then fine users can click on it to view more. But that link in the bottom is also not showing when we get so many notifications
10 hours ago
alcalbg Mobile menu updated to 2.4, please try again
9 hours ago


2 days ago


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