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12 hours ago

Special Offer December 2014

Some people couldn’t wait until Monday. Therefore the Special Offer December 2014 Discount starts already today!

Details: http://www.segal-online.ch/special-offer-december-2014/

Purchase: http://www.segal-online.ch/downloads/special-offer-december-2014/

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Richard Evans

4 days ago

Risa Shop - Black Friday Sale

So it's Black Friday this week and with that in mind I have decided to honour this by slashing prices on many of my products just for Friday.

In addition, from Today until Friday you can get my PremiumPack for just £1.50 which is an incredible discount from £5.00!!!! You do not want to miss out on this great opportunity!

To view my products that are going to be on sale for Black Friday, click here: http://shop.startrekrisa.com/product-category/black-friday/

I have also done some updates to the site, and you'll receive more news as I get them.

Remember to check it out: http://shop.startrekrisa.com

#startrekrisa #risaaddons #risaguides


4 days ago

Addons - Changes

There will be some changes in the next weeks about the sale of my SocialStrap Addons. Here is an overview:


An overview of my Addons you can find also here:


#segal-online #addon

joofigueiredo Fair and square. Please keep on developing!
4 days ago
jollyjubes definitely please keep developing, and websites owners, please support him if you like his products
4 days ago
as8038 Thanks a lot, guys!
And don't worry ... I have many more Addon ideas in the pipe. Those of you who are serious about having a great social network will get the best tools.
The others can wait for manna from heaven ...

Some likes on my page here (second link in my post) would be appreciated
4 days ago


6 days ago

#suggestion - i would like to see a better search site wide. when using the custom field add on (which I am using for Pages) i have 6 top level business categories just like Facebook - it would make sense to add a category filter to the search page - just like there currently is for Gender Filter.

Any chance there is an add on to extend this? I'd consider outsourcing the task - so fee free to PM me. Cheers


6 days ago

#suggestion - data backup when user closes account

it would be very useful for users and admin to have the option to back up our content - media and posts etc.

should this be a feature baked in? or an addon? i think it should be baked in - thoughts?


7 days ago

Hello guys, i want to put the Post Area block on a modal dialog, but some how i cant find a wiew that contains the HTML block, where do i search for it?


9 days ago

Hi, after v4.0 update. I am using css:
.avatar img{border-radius: 50%}
and also 128 px avatar size image
There is no border in SAFARI.. look at the picture below.. can somebody help? thx..

Bhashana Ranathunga

10 days ago

you guys like to have like this addon?

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Felipe Novaes I need it !
9 days ago
jebac yes yes
8 days ago
kevinsotov Share please
6 days ago
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