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Felipe Novaes

4 hours ago

There's some way to remove the size of compression of pictures ?



Any Help would be great appreciated

1) I was looking to generate custom notifications from my addon. Can I define my own or can I only use the pre-defined ones listed below?

* 1 - new comment on post/image (inform all users included in this discussion)
* 2 - new like on post/comment/image
* 3 - new follower
* 4 - new friend
* 5 - (not used)
* 6 - lost a follower
* 7 - posted on your wall
* 8 - new message (send email to notify)
* 9 - (not used)
* 10 - group membership accepted
* 11 - group membership rejected
* 12 - request for membership

When I tried to use an empty one (#5), I got the notification to show up, but it doesn't display anything (don't see a way to add custom text). Please let me know what is possible.

2) Would I be able to create by own php function that I can call via AJAX (similar to the heartbeat function). I want to create a new function/class that can update the user's profile or other database fields.

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harir8 Understood but is there any way you know of?
7 hours ago
as8038 I haven't tried it yet. It needs time to develop and I don't have currently any time. Sorry!
5 hours ago
harir8 okay thanks for your help I will update if you'd like on any progress I make.
2 hours ago

Bhashana Ranathunga


there is any place to get custom support for this script or no custom support for this script?

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as8038 Only PHP knowledge won't help you much. Use a web developer tool for your browser, analyze the elements of a page, take some search terms and do a global search in your editor to find the relevant pieces of code.
All your questions here are showing me that you don't do any of these steps yet.
23 hours ago
Bhashana Ranathunga @as8038 Thank you, i understand. sorry for trouble. i wont ask anything anymore. thanks who ever tried to help me. deleted my posts too now its clean and beautiful
22 hours ago
as8038 I didn't say that you shouldn't ask any questions. But if you say that it takes you a whole day to find out something what could be found within five minutes I wanted to give you some hints on how to optimize your search procedure.
19 hours ago

Felipe Novaes

3 days ago

Is there any plan to include page and post promotion??? With payment processor integrations

alcalbg Look at 'Promoted Posts' addon here:
2 days ago
Felipe Novaes Yeah, i use it, but i'm talking about something more complex , a thing that i don't need to administer, only approve, and the user get the insights of your ad, by impressions.
2 days ago
alcalbg Ok, I see. Maybe you can use this addon as a base for something more sophisticated.
2 days ago

Richard Evans

3 days ago


Admin Stats has had a makeover and has now changed it's name to AdminConsole. We've had a good makeover of the admin panel, and we will be adding more functionality as soon as we can. Check it out now here:

#startrekrisa #risaaddon #risaguides

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joofigueiredo Just a thought... Maybe in a first phase that would be enough, then I could show/feature the most popular images manually...
David Schwalbach @joofigueiredo I still don't know if you are looking for this feature to be for admin's eyes only or if you want it displayed on the sidebar, or on another page for every member to see..
joofigueiredo @iammrdavid It could be both, that would not be a problem for me. But in the best of worlds, it would be a snippet like the "images", showing on the main feed or on the sidebar...
12 hours ago


4 days ago

Is there a way to get notification emails for comments or likes directly to inbox's user?

alcalbg Yes, every user can enable email notifications for himself. You can switch this to be 'on' by default with 'User Defaults' addon.
2 days ago
jonathanarriolaestrada I have tested the addon but then i think is a configuration problem in the mail section. Can you give me a guide or resources for a proper configuration?
2 days ago
alcalbg Try using mandrill over smtp, with this setup you can easily debug emails and check what went wrong and where
2 days ago


4 days ago

This post is about problematic features which can lead to unpredictable results.

1. Add as friend - This model doesn't work in real life, can undermine the real friendship (follow-back) value.

2. Unlike - Can attract negative vibrations.

3. Who viewed my profile - Not everyone wants to be tracked, most people like to surf anonymously


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Richard Evans I agree in some instances. With a lot of pressures from website to be privacy savvy, I think being able to see who has viewed my profile is wrong. However, as you pointed out @alcalbg this could be good as an addon, like all the other suggestions.
4 days ago
pepeee Who viewed my profile can increase the interactions between users
3 days ago
Paulo yes @pepeee a lot !!
3 days ago


4 days ago

When a comment is removed, I think it would be a nice feature to display that event; like: "comment removed, 4 days ago".

This way, people can see WHY certain threads appear to be a series of comments by the same person.

Additionally, I also think it's important to display when a post or comment was edited, like "comment edited, 2 hours ago".

as8038 Oh, and I thought that was another play by Samuel Beckett.
4 days ago
stefdev No Theatre of the Absurd, but that's indeed how a thread can look when some comments are removed
4 days ago
alcalbg ... I will write this down
4 days ago
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