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Hamdi Ali Akgüngör

7 hours ago


i want to do intro to my website. My intro is ready and my intro is only video. I want to show the video site before opening but I have no idea about how to do.

Can you help on this issue ? Thank you.

Bhashana Ranathunga use splasher addon and edit splasher.phtml file and add whatever you want
6 hours ago


21 hours ago

Wondered if someone could shed some light. Just wondered how the popular users is determined? Is it based on page views, or numbers of followers..... thanks.

Felipe Novaes Followers
20 hours ago

Felipe Novaes

2 days ago

A dedicated server with this settings can support how much people online ?

Linux CentOS 64 bits
• Intel® Core™ i3 - 2 cores
• 2 GB RAM
• Bandwidth of 5 TB/month

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Bhashana Ranathunga No, This server is Bad! Do not buy, hard to make a lot online at once, you better go for a vps with more spec and its cheap than dedi. maybe you are thinking now why. well if i explain i have to write a book here. small advise if you are going for a dedi, make sure ram + cpu cores are high.
Felipe Novaes @alcalbg no , i don't noticed, but i think that a dedicated could be better then a vps, i don't understand too much of this, my vps have 24 cores, but 40 sites use them, i use a medium of 10% of this cores.....
Felipe Novaes @bhashanaranathunga yeah, i use godaddy vps, very cheap


3 days ago

I am getting an error that a file is too big or not allowed anytime I try and upload a picture. I tried upload an 11 kb jpg, and it wouldn't work. Any suggestions?

Felipe Novaes

3 days ago

A function that permit to the users to see what their friends are liking.

lucasdeniz21 eu tenho esse script aki resp inbox xD
15 hours ago


3 days ago

I'm looking for someone to build an Addon to be able to post videos from on my socialtrap website. Please PM me
Thanks a lot!


3 days ago

I think there should be a bio character limit.

Anyone else?


3 days ago

In the next days I will give update about the app I´m developing!

Felipe Novaes my members can't wait
3 days ago
jonathanarriolaestrada I want it
2 days ago
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