adelinasimo » Web Developers

20 hours ago

SocialStrap Android script is not for sale ? Thx

Ray Kennedy » Web Developers

23 hours ago

Would like to know if there's a stable addon that allows users to simply paste the URL to an online image and post, without having to upload an image?

daniellemes cool
22 hours ago

Alex Graf » Web Developers

2 days ago

Hi all! How to add a function select a theme? It is necessary that the participants could also choose a topic that is more convenient to them!
It was possible in earlier versions now this function is not ...

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Alex Graf @lizzus Like but did not say that this topic has been discussed ..так поступают только мудаки!
23 hours ago
Filippo Lizza 1. I liked idea. 2 You cant solved problem Without a specific addon 3. Alex, whats your problem?!?
22 hours ago
Alex Graf 1. "You cant solved problem Without a specific addon."
So I asked how to solve this problem ... or you do not understand the subject matter ?!

2. You have previously asked the same question that I ?! =

3. And knew about it and knew the decision but did not help me. To me there is no problem! And you may just hard for you to help others ...

On it and finish our chat ...
21 hours ago

adelinasimo » Addons

3 days ago

Hi to all.
There is any Addon that allows admin to put website under maintenance ?
Or how to do that ?

patrickvisser » Web Developers

3 days ago

Hello does someone know why notification email send out late? when im not logged in it takes some time to get an email that someone send me a mail or posted someting on my timelijn. Please help me out here. Is the a way to vasten this up?

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adelinasimo on my last version,notification is not working
21 hours ago
alcalbg Not working at all or not sending emails? @adelinasimo Was this working before you upgraded?
11 hours ago
patrickvisser No its working but with 5 min. Time event. Tnanks
11 hours ago

testerkakashi » Addons

3 days ago

i want my users upload videos.,,, how can i do that??

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Filippo Lizza ask to @alcalbg
3 days ago
testerkakashi well ok
3 days ago

amplifiedsteve » Questions and Answers

4 days ago

I have edited the the default About pages and added a couple of custom pages. However these are located in the Core directory - so i presume will be overwritten when i update.

So what is the best practice to circumvent this - create a custom pages Addon but how would I go about this? Any pointers much appreciated, cheers

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amplifiedsteve @aricjisomsr do you know how I can add a drop down menu to the header/menu? currently my extra pages are linked in the customer footer area
3 days ago
Kitdi @amplifiedsteve - The file to edit is: http://YourSite/app/core/views/layout/_layout/topmenu.phtml

Get code here:
3 days ago
as8038 LOL


4 days ago

Scheduled Server Maintenance:
Tuesday, March 3rd 01am - Tuesday, March 3rd 05am EST

This site will be offline during this period. #maintenance

alcalbg closed
8 hours ago
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