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2 days ago

I am attempting to pull the id from the liked post. This is the code I am working with that seems to be causing me issues. Can anyone confirm if I am communicating with the database correctly or not? Thank You.
$this = new Application_Model_Posts();
$post = $this-getRequest()-getPosts('id', $post_id);
mainly I believe my $this- may be incorrect!

jackfrost still no luck, but this is where I am at now.
case 'post1':
$post_id = $Likes-isLiked($resource_id-$resource_type);
$Likes = new Application_Model_Likes();
$request = new Application_Model_Posts();
$post1 = (int) $request-getParam('post_id', $Likes);
if (!$post1) return;
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2 days ago

Hello guys, I would to know if someone can explain me how can I run recaptcha correctly, since I'm getting: "error invalid domain for site key" . I followed the steps from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin , and also copy pasted the keys into the socialstrap fields, but I dont know what can be wrong. Im not sure if something else must be done in the server side part.
Can anyone who successed setting recaptcha share the steps to set it up correctly in order no errors show?
Thank you in advance!

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11 months ago

This is Java source code of my SocialStrap Community Android App if someone needs it.



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claudiaviveiros Como implementar o código java do app? Poderia colocar no wiki um tutorial, por favor?
6 months ago
Martin Beek Wow! Is this a work in progress?
6 months ago
patrickvisser Is this also for use with IOS phone, ipad etc?
3 months ago

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8 days ago

When you clicked on the messages icon, is it possible to have the most recent message open by default (even if it is not a new message, and if new messages are present the message that is opened is the most recent opened message?), so the majority of the screen is not blank initially?

Ray Kennedy Good question !!!
7 days ago
Ray Kennedy Wish I knew the answer to the question you asked two days ago lol.
6 days ago
jackfrost Yea Ray, hopefully someone from the community may get time to help! It would be an awesome feature, I thought of a mini solution for now I believe. I will PM you!
6 days ago

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8 days ago

I Like This Add-on - This Is Not A Bug Report! Attempting to expand.
Has anyone got this add-on to also post on your profile if you like any post?

I have not altered the hooks.php at all!

I believe this line
// let's make this work only when liking images and pages
$good = array('image', 'page');

and these lines
switch ($resource-resource_type) {

case 'image':
$image = $Images-getImage($resource-resource_id);
if (!$image) return;
$image_url = $StorageAdapter-getStoragePath('posts') . $image['data']['file_name'];
$text = Zend_Registry::get('Zend_Translate')-translate('...likes this image');
$content = '' . $text . '


case 'page':
$page_id = $resource-resource_id;
$Profiles = new Application_Model_Profiles();
$page = $Profiles-getProfileByField('id', $page_id);
if (!$page) return;
$url = Application_Plugin_Common::getFullBaseUrl().'/' . $page-name;
$image_url = $StorageAdapter-getStoragePath('avatar').'/' . $page-avatar;
$text = Zend_Registry::get('Zend_Translate')-translate('...likes').' '.$page-screen_name;
$content = '' . $text . '';

jackfrost The first lines needs altered and the second needs added to.. anyone work out a solution yet?
8 days ago
rodeliolagahit this is nice. let's see if anyone can help us.
8 days ago

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11 days ago

@alcalbg Hello,one request.can you please improve facebook login so that it will also fetch facebook timeline cover on ss user's timeline cover.

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11 days ago

how to make uploading of profile pic mandatory in the registration part?


11 days ago


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