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17 hours ago

problem in IE & FF, F12 Console...
FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init().
I wanted to know if anyone else is receiving this warning in console?


23 hours ago

I updated SocialStrap 5.1 with the latest Bootstrap version 3.3.4 and discovered a bug in Bootstrap.

See the details here: http://www.segal-online.ch/bootstrap-3-3-4-bug/


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Richard Evans Thanks for this update
21 hours ago
rrvoigt Thanks @as8038, i am still using v3.3.1 and could find the bug in my version of SS 5.1 (bootstrap.min.cs /bootstrap/css), so if i read this correct it happens only if you upgrade to bootstrapv3.3.4? Are there any side effects to the upgrade?
19 hours ago
as8038 @rrvoigt Please read my post in the blog. There I have described exactly the issue and showed the impact with a screenshot.
It doesn't affect you when you use the built-in Bootstrap version. I only mentioned this in case somebody wants to update to the latest version of Bootstrap.
18 hours ago



Hi guys,
There a way to hide the browser url field (header) when loading on mobiles phones?
Addon or script?


3 days ago

Hi guys,
It seems my notifications (for likes and comments) return plain text email).
And don't seem to use the notifications.phtml
How can i activate this, so my template get displayed?
Help please,


rrvoigt Earth to anyone? Does anybody have some feedback?
2 days ago
jackfrost Sorry buddy. Wish I could point you in the right direction
2 days ago
rrvoigt Thank you @jackfrost
2 days ago


3 days ago

@alcalbg, all posts are wrapped in a div with the id="posts-wrapper", where can i find this div, i've looked on all views/ ***.phtm files but found nothing...


4 days ago

if you are on can you please tell me where I can change the location for the avatar and cover images in the profile table?
I am aware I would not change it in phpmyadmin, I took a look around profiles.php from /models/profiles.php with no luck!

jackfrost I simply want the images in a different location, but can not find the line of code to change so the image location does not start at / but instead http://www...
4 days ago
alcalbg check here app\core\models\StorageFilesystem.php
3 days ago
jackfrost if you get a chance to reference me to a line number that would be great, I reviewed the code, and I could not determine what needs changed.
I just want my avatar/cover image setup to change the directory the script looks into to find each image! In the profiles table I want the image format to remain the same, "filename.jpg" I just want the script to change I believe the base url, from the default setting to a different domain?? I hope that makes sense!
3 days ago


4 days ago

I could not find the answer in the wiki?
does anyone know how to make the role be for all visitors, or logged in users???

Zend_Auth::getInstance()-getIdentity()-role == 'user')

jackfrost okay, that was easy, just removed the whole if statement...
if (Zend_Auth::getInstance()-hasIdentity() && Zend_Auth::getInstance()-getIdentity()-role == 'user')

4 days ago


7 days ago

On mobiles devices, in the registration form on the username field there is no restrictions on inserting white spaces. Did somebody manage to correct this?

jackfrost does this problem also exist exceeding your max. char. limit?
7 days ago
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