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5 hours ago

Another feature request I am willing to pay for a addon that does this...

I would like a addon that allows me to add multiple (one or many) messages that would be appended to the bottom of all outgoing email notifications.

Options to indicate if we want the appended messages to be added in order or at random would be a nice touch as well.

This can be used for quotes, ads, tips about the niche our network is built around.



5 hours ago

I would like to see the share button/feature improved and have two dropdowns select fields that would show pages and groups we belong to or own to select to share to. I am willing to pay for addon that would accomplish this. I could keep you guys busy with addon ideas to sell from your stores.



6 hours ago

I realized I posted this in the main timeline and should have posted it here


richardwing Why didnt the preview work on the above post @alcalbg
5 hours ago
alcalbg it doesn't work for the same domain, I guess you don't need a preview for what you are looking at
3 hours ago

Ray Kennedy

16 hours ago

.wav file question ... If I want a brief .wav file to play (2 to 3 seconds) when users visit my home page, where would I insert the .wav file into the script? Could this be inserted into the SEO & Custom Head section? What is the complete line of code I would enter to get the .wav file to play? Cheers

Richard Evans

21 hours ago

Hey All,

Stupid question. I am using the Cyborg Theme, however the background for things like Notifications and Reports are still white. What do I need to do to make this match the theme?


alcalbg custom css
.popover-content{background-color: red;}
8 hours ago



Hi there my friends. Please i need some help, How can i make an extra box in the Sitebar above, the box, Friend sugestions. Please can someone post an example? Greeting.

alcalbg Use 'Customised Sidebar' addon by @richardevans

Add Custom Content to your Website. Having the ability to add custom sidebar content to your SocialStrap site is just one step away with this easy add on. All you need to do is visit your settings, then edit the box. Read the readme file for coding examples.
8 hours ago



New Addon - Birthday

There’s a new SocialStrap Premium Addon published which shows the birthdays of friends in a sidebar box on a daily basis.

Description: http://www.segal-online.ch/birthday-premium-addon/

Purchase: http://www.segal-online.ch/downloads/birthday/

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I am new in socialstrap community. I am looking for a developer for develop a addon to my community. I need that when a user post a status update he can choose to associate a page or group that he already joined. In this case his post is published like he had published directly from the page/group that he associated (like this that I am posting). Where can I hire developers?

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